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About Me - Anati Bloch

Luckily, an essential part of my growing up took place in the UK. As a toddler in Manchester, English planted
its wondrous roots in my mind and later, when going to school in London, it flowered and became as
native to me as Hebrew was. In short, I was born in Hebrew and raised in English. After completing
2-years in the army I lived in Canada for over 3 years, where I gained the value of North American English.

This duo-fluency became an added-value that facilitated my landing the jobs I applied for.
More and more I began providing language-related services as an employee when I realized that this
is what I enjoy doing most, so perhaps I should get educated...
At Yeda Center for Technical Communications, I completed the Technical Communication course.
With another skill in my pocket I felt confident enough to leap to self employment, which is where
I have been for several years.

I am guided by integrity and my work is built on trust. Every job I commit to I do so wholeheartedly
and reliably, because at the end of the day my products represent my clients.

Check out the Translations & Services page to find out how I can help you.
I have recently joined forces with Techno-Team to provide out-sourced services in translations,
technical writing, proofreading/QA services and documentation.